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Organic vs. Non-GMO

I am Liz Sacchini, the wife of Living Foods owner Jeff Sacchini, the sister of owner Howard Warner, and thus I suppose by default or marriage, another owner of Living Foods!  I also happen to be, by way of University of California at Davis, a retired nutritionist with strong opinions and beliefs on what we should and shouldn’t be eating.  That said, I am also a strong believer in the 80/20 rule.  Make good choices and eat well 80% of the time so you can throw caution to the wind 20% of the time.  My 20% usually starts on Thursday night and slows down Sunday afternoon but this doesn’t mean I don’t make good choices during that time as well!  And so I’ve asked Jeff and Howard (or rather told them) that I would love the chance to periodically express an opinion, of which I have many, on topics relating to Living Foods and our philosophy around good food and good living.  Which brings me to the topic of organic vs. non-GMO.

Jeff, Howard’s wife Susan, and I just attended the West Coast Fancy Food show in SF last week and we had a blast, but I was frustrated with the number of products labeled non-GMO, as if that’s the way to inform consumers a food item is healthy for consumption.  It’s definitely better that products come from non-GMO sources, but it’s far more important to buy organic because organic means so much more.  According to Maxwell Goldberg, author of LivingMaxwell, Your Guide to Organic Food and Drink, organic means grown without the use of:

  1. Synthetic fertilizers
  2. Chemical pesticides and insecticides
  3. Growth hormones or antibiotics

It also means it cannot:

  1. Be irradiated
  2. Contain genetically engineered organisms
  3. Contain genetically modified organisms- known as GMO’s!!!

See his entire article here.  In other words- buy organic and you are also getting non-GMO.  We do the best we can to source organic products and when we can’t, we look for non-GMO.  This is especially important when buying corn, soy, and wheat based food items.  So we found some really cool new products at the show and hope to have them in the store soon!

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